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Looking for artwork for your home should not be hard. 

Think about how you want it to feel when you are home or when you get home after a long day. 

What do you want to see?

What feelings or memories do you want to see and feel everyday?

Are you attracted to bright bold color or self colors?

Do you like color themes or open to all colors and patterns?

I have all of the above in the shop. Get on over there and take a look.

Lets connect and make your home a place that fills your soul and spirit.

Art Materials fo zoom lessons

One of the things I want to ensure is the cost of zoom classes stays manageable for everyone during this uncertain time.

When I pick a picture to work with I take into consideration the colors and design so it can be done with the fewest paints and brushes.

Right now I am ordering from Michaels, Dick Blick, amazon and Jerrys Artarama for materials.

always look for coupons!!

The Brushes below are angled brushes. A filbert is also a good choice. The style of the brush helps to get the shapes of the flowers and any landscape shapes.

The paints do not have to be expensive. They could be craft paints. Its the colors that matter

I recommend:



pthalo blue (blue with some green in it)

yellow medium or yellow light

magenta (cool red) makes violet

red (warm red) makes orange

something with sparkle if you like sparkle or glitter. Stay away from colors that have white added to them. Pastels don't mix into each other very well but are nice for finishing touches.

Paintings can be done on canvas panels, stretch canvas or wood panels.

If you are new to painting I would use canvas panels or illustration board.

There is an example of a wood panel but it is very large. I would start with 5x7' or 8x8' 8x10'

I hope this helps get you started. Please contact me if you have any art material questions.

Click on the image and it will take you to the products.

angled brushes


wood panels


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