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Looking for artwork for your home should not be hard. 

Think about how you want it to feel when you are home or when you get home after a long day. 

What do you want to see?

What feelings or memories do you want to see and feel everyday?

Are you attracted to bright bold color or self colors?

Do you like color themes or open to all colors and patterns?

I have all of the above in the shop. Get on over there and take a look.

Lets connect and make your home a place that fills your soul and spirit.

how to build a studio practice

seems so simple yet so difficult right?

it has taken me many years to maintain a daily art practice. Allowing myself time that might be used to clean or garden or workout was not easy. there are so many thing that occupy our time or seem to be. i have plenty of time to get everything in but my house probably isn't as clean as i would like and my garden is full of weeds but i am painting everyday and that is what brings me joy. it fills a place in my being that was empty and longing to be recognized. Once I got going it just became a habit like eating cookies for breakfast. Is that only me? they have oats and peanut butter so they are kind of breakfasty. (see read to the end for the recipe) How did i start? i took online classes to foster my creativity and force me into a practice because i was spending money. funny how that works. Flora Bowley (look her up) her classes gave me the boost at the right time in my life to push forward. it was just after graduate school and I still had an open mind for learning something new, After years of following the traditional painting rules and only working from life I saw my environment with new eyes.

Take a class, read a book on creativity, work with a medium that you have never used before.

in future posts i will be sharing more resources and materials that i love!!!!

Smile at someone today it could make all the difference in their world:)

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